Neuhaus shop 3D

Neuhaus chocolate shop

Neuhaus is a notable Belgian chocolatier which manufactures and sells luxury chocolates. They also export chocolate truffles, biscuits, and ice cream all over the world. Find out more about this chocolate shop 3D rendering project below.

In 2018 we visualized a new chocolate shop in New York’s Grand Central Station. Just above you see the store’s interior as if you were looking inside from the street. Different height marble blocks compose the storefront and display various chocolates. One box is open as if inviting you to enter.

3D chocolate world

In this chocolate shop 3D renderings, we opted for an evening atmosphere specifically to highlight the warm and cozy mood of this space. Once inside you find yourself in the world of Neuhaus.

The materials used reflect an entire color palette of chocolate from light to dark. White marble blocks on the one hand. Deep brown chestnut wood of the shelves on the other hand. These shelves complement the multitude of chocolate products on them. Finally, an oak wood floor, which contrasts all these elements and brings them out as well.

Shop details

This herringbone parquet, the coper presentation arches, and the white marble counters are historic. In fact, they remind us of the original Brussels store situated in the Galeries Royales.

Despite the narrow irregular space available the designers have maximized the display areas. They also filled it with customized packaging which we have meticulously modeled.

The last render in this project shows us another entrance from inside the train station. On it the stark contrast between the rough industrial architecture setting with the contemporary interior alluding to this brand’s artisanal tradition. We have replicated the iron structure to match the historical heritage as closely as possible.

Neuhaus store 3D
Exterior shop 3D

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